Our Premises

Nature of Construction & Finishes

At TMT you can find each building has been well painted as well as concrete walls with smooth hard surfaces, which are easy to clean. We also have flooring with smooth finished Epoxy Coat.

The buildings are well ventilated and having adequate natural as well as artificial lighting. The walls in the clean areas are painted with epoxy paint and the floor is coated with self levelling epoxy.

Water Systems

We prefer highly qualified enviornment for our manufacturing & are very much keen with the Water Supply which form our basis. Raw Water is supplied by Mumbai Municipal Corporation which is forward for the Purification done by inhouse Demineralised water plant. We highly take care over the Water Systems with three major factors:

  • Sourcing
  • Purification
  • Testing

We have a very frequent process of testing water for which we maintain records for a period of time. Water being life the utmost care is taken.


Besides attending to machines breakdown, Maintenance Department carries out preventive maintenance in consultation with respective departments. For this, respective departments specify the time when the machine is to be taken for preventive maintenance and duration during which maintenance has to complete the preventive schedule or if necessary, overhauling of machine. This information from the Maintenance Department enables availability of necessary spares due to which no shut-down time or idle period occurs.
Planned preventive maintenance of all the machines used for Pen products, including the Air handling system is carried out as per Work Instruction and Records of the same are maintained. Maintenance & painting of buildings and road repairing is taken up at regular intervals. Water tank is maintained cleanly.


We have laid down specific procedures and schedules for cleaning and maintenance of all manufacturing areas and equipments as per Work Instructions.