Distribution, Complaints & Product Recall

The finished goods are stored in a bonded store room and whenever the goods are received from Production Department along with the challan , the details regarding the same are entered in the Register and whenever the goods are dispatched, the same are deducted from the Register. So at any given time, exact position of closing stocks of finished goods can be easily found out.


On receipt of from the party, the details are entered into computer and a Proforma Invoice is generated. Wherein the computer system allocates the Batch No. for the product from the batches "Released for market sale", on F.I.F.O method. The stocks allocated by the computer system are physically removed and verified. After verification of the same, final Invoice is generated. The goods are then despatched to the party through road transport and the corresponding Lorry receipt is collected and attached to the relevant invoice and the same is then forwarded to the party.

Book Copy along with the Consignor Copy of the Lorry Receipt (duly acknowledged by the Consignee) is maintained in our files for ready reference.

Our invoicing system is fully computerised and same can furnish the details as (1) Batch wise dispatches (2) Stockiest & Medical Representative-wise Sales (3) Other M.I.S reports. The computer system can furnish the details regarding the dispatch of any batch and the destinations to which it is dispatched.

Market Complaints:

All complaints are received by the Office of the Organization, who then forwards them to the Quality Control department for further investigations. The Quality Control department looks into the matter, and if necessary takes up the matter with the Management, if the complaint is related to production process and with the General Manager -R&D (Formulations). Depending upon the results of the investigation, suitable remedial measures are undertaken, if found necessary and a suitable reply is then sent to the complaint. The entire correspondence and investigations are maintained by the Quality Control Department.


Product Recalls:

A product may be recalled due to instructions from the FDA or voluntarily by the Organization, in case of any non-compliance with the specifications. In such cases, on the advice of the Quality Control Department, the Distribution Department arranges the recall of the particular batch of the product from the market. This involves issuance of circulars to all concerned retail outlets requesting them to return their stock of the concerned batch. On return of the entire stock of the batch, the same is reconciled and then destroyed under the supervision of Quality Control Department and records are maintained thereof.