Machinery & Equipments

State of Art

We have installed State of art Equipments and Instruments in all Sections of manufacturing which conforms to Schedule M GMP Norms. We have full in-house capability of

  • Testing
  • Quality Control / Quality  Assurance
  • and Efficiency Analysis

We utilize various equipments and instruments required for Production and Analytical activities.

The major items of machinery used in the production department include mixer/blender, granulator, dryer, tablet compression machine, coating machine, blister and strip packing machine, tablet filling counter etc.

Factory totally control 55 – T Air Handling Units (Blue Star)
At Jogeshwari production center, we have Liquid - Orals, Tablets, Ointment & Cream external preparation section and packing section.

Quality Control Equipments

  1. Abbe's Refractometer
  2. PH meter
  3. T.L.C. Kit –Bag
  4. Polarimeter
  5. Tablet Disintegration test Machine
  6. Tablet Friability Machine 
  7. Brookfield viscometer
  8. U.V.spectrophotometer
  9. Melting range instrument
  10. Oven,vaccum-chamber,muffle furnace Incubator,Centrifuge Desiccators Hot  Plate
  11. Karl fisher instrument
  12. Micro balance
  13. U. V. Chamber
  14. Constant temperature waterbath
  15. Stirrer with speed regulator
  16. 6 Paddle Dissolution Machine

Preventive Maintenance Programme & Calibration

Certain critical equipments and instruments are under service contract with the manufacturer and are serviced on regular basis. The records thereof are maintained by the concerned departments.
Besides, planned preventive maintenance of all the machines used for pen products including the Air handling system is carried out as per Work Instruction and Records of the same are maintained in Pen-production area.
Calibration of all instruments and equipments are performed on a regular basis as per respective laid down Work Instructions. The records thereof are maintained by the concerned departments.